Custom Order for Megan Parker

$ 9.00

Regarding the following:
  • Font: May I see it without the swirly's on the caps? This is very close - love it! 
  • Colors:
    • Background: Soft Wedding Ivory 
    • States: Gold
    • Text: Navy
  • Location: Yes, please include location (Pebble Beach, California) under date.
Landscape - 20x30 print on professional Kodak Endura Luster Paper
I have attached 2 photos of our wedding invite to give you an idea of the type of font we like and the way we would prefer the 2 states be arranged. 
If possible, we would like the following text printed between the states in the center of the document:
April 30, 2016
No hearts or lines, but thank you for offering and sending the links!  
Lastly, can the text be done in Navy blue? If not, no worries. 
Pebble Beach, CA location of Wedding